Our values

Our values are built on our identity and form the bedrock of our company. SolPay relies on a four-pillar approach that forms a solid base from which we can grow our business. These pillars are efficiency, innovation, integrity and proximity.


Customer satisfaction is very important to us, so we guarantee fast, efficient, stress-free tax refund services. We offer quality services and customised tracking to both tourists and our retail partners. Our tax refund experience and our rigorous quality expectations are essential to our company’s continued success.


We are constantly focused on progress and innovation, working hard to develop and introduce new ideas in our work. We encourage creativity, energy and initiative so we can offer our clients and partners the very best. We expand and perfect our work through technological innovation so we can offer services with high added value.


We are committed to adopting irreproachable ethical behaviour and demonstrating exemplary honesty in how we conduct business. It is critical that our clients trust us, so we continually focus on people-centred values within our organisation and do our work in a way that displays integrity and follows industry standards.


We provide a localised service to our partners through locations in France and the United Kingdom (particularly in tourist areas like the French Riviera, Paris and London). We work closely with our clients to better meet the needs of international travellers and to provide fast, stress-free refunds.

Our commitments

SolPay was created with a simple, pragmatic vision in mind: envision and create specially-designed tools to simplify checkout operations.

Our development teams regularly keep up-to-date with technological advances, as these are key components that prompt changes to tax refund and payment services offers.

This vision is paired with solid industry expertise in VAT refunds so that we can best understand and satisfy the needs of companies in our partner network. The tax refund process is complex and highly regulated, which is why we’re always working hard to make our solutions faster, simpler and more secure.

We’re convinced that the huge structural changes linked to globalisation and changing international consumer expectations must now be matched by disruptive innovations. To this end, SolPay also develops solutions aimed at improving and facilitating international consumer payment systems.

Our mission is to supply our partner shops, and their international customers, with comprehensive support during the sales process through our tax refund and dynamic currency conversion services.

Team spirit

SolPay fosters performance, ambition, human connection and a friendly atmosphere.

We prioritise our employees’ satisfaction, promoting comprehensive onboarding, social and managerial innovation and skill development. We are continuously training our employees, encouraging knowledge and skill sharing, and improving our communication systems and access to information so our employees can grow and flourish at our company.

We believe our employees’ well-being is a determining factor in our company’s success and performance. Our employees have freedom and autonomy, with flexible hours. We treat them with respect and consideration. We also plan numerous events that help create a motivated, tight-knit team.

We encourage workplace diversity and exclude any form of discrimination from our hiring process. Our personnel team is equitably composed of women and men. We do everything we can to create equality among our employees.

Connecting with our clients

Since our clients are the centre of our attention, we want to build lasting, trusting relationships with them.

We believe that our company’s success depends on satisfying our clients, which is why we work hard to provide high-quality service. We are constantly re-evaluating the needs of all stakeholders involved, listening and discussing so that we can best respond to their expectations. We provide all our partners with technology and innovation by offering solutions that are always more reliable and efficient.

We expand our e-services offers to help our clients save time, gain financial benefits and experience ease of use. We are committed to acting in an exemplary manner in our customer service and in how we responsibly conduct business.

We also want to help our partners develop so they can expand their national and international reach, so we offer much more than a tax refund service. We provide a wide range of solutions to assist and support our clients’ business activities.

Caring for the environment

Sustainable development is a crucial, timely issue for our planet’s long-term health and we want to do everything we can to take care of it.

This is why we are committed to respecting the planet by rigorously following environmental, social and ethical standards. 

In our everyday work, we promote sustainable development through a series of actions that include videoconferencing, low-energy bulbs, selective sorting, recycling and more.

We follow management practices that respect the environment so we can reduce our ecological footprint and grow our business in a healthy, sustainable way. This environmental focus is essential to us because we want to build long-term success.

Our environmental commitments are implemented at all levels of the company, from strategy to daily operational practices. We include sustainable development topics on all information and internal communication materials so that it becomes a familiar subject that is part of our daily operations.

Our team

Sales department

Grégory Briand - Sales Director France gregory.briand@solpay.com
Sandy Cassese - Sales and Operations Assistant sandy.cassese@solpay.com
Pierre Thoviste - Business Developer Paris +33 (0)6 65 48 33 06 pierre.thoviste@solpay.com
Louis Don Carli - Business Developer Southern Region +33 (0) 6 72 66 86 15 louis.doncarli@solpay.com
Mickael Soares - Business Assistant Paris +33 (0)6 60 30 98 68 mickael.soares@solpay.com
Sebastien Durey - Business Developer South of France +33 (0)6 37 01 02 06 sebastien.durey@solpay.com

Marketing & communication department

Léa Djian - Marketing and Communication Director

Finance & administration department

Julien Balazun - Administration and Finance Director

It research & development department

R&D Unit dev@solpay.com
Technical Support +33 (0)4 93 43 44 39 support@solpay.com